U. Kac, F. Novak.
Reconfiguration schemes of SC biquad filters for oscillation based test.
Information technology and control, Vol. 42, No. 1, 2012, pp. 38-47.

Transformation rules for oscillation based test for different types of switched-capacitor (SC) biquad filter stages based on Fleischer-Laker biquad SC structure are proposed. In our earlier work presented at the 9th European Test Symposium, a solution for all-pass SC biquads has been reported. In this paper we generalize the approach to other classes of SC filter biquads. Theoretical background of the proposed approach is described and a set of practical design-for-test rules for each of the addressed SC structure is provided. Proposed oscillation based test structures can be included into a built-in self-test design with minimum hardware overhead.