M.Khalil, C.Robach, F.Novak, A.Zuzek.
System level diagnosis - a comparison of two alternative approaches,
Proc. 6th IEEE European Test Workshop 2001, pp. 89-95, Stockholm, May 29 - June 1, 2001.

In this paper we explore two alternative approaches to system diagnosis. The Multiple-Clue strategy is based on testability analysis performed by SATAN tool. The second approach performed by the Sequential Diagnosis Tool (SDT) generates solutions with minimum average cost of diagnostic tree. The application of either approach in practice depends on the goals, constraints and the available system test data. The Multiple-Clue approach is suitable for the cases where the system structure (i.e., interconnection of its functional parts) is given, while in the second approach the probabilities of faulty states and the test matrix implicitly describe the functionality of the diagnosed system.